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Buddhist Pilgrimage to India, with Ajahn Bramhali
~ By Mary Dumka, teacher of Canmore’s Bow Valley Sangha

I wrote this note in the airport at Varanasi, India on Jan. 21, 2015
My Buddhist Pilgrimage to India this January has been a wonderful experience. Our spiritual leader, Ajahn Brahmali from a monastery near Perth, Australia, said the purpose of the pilgrimage was to give us experiences so we could do the meditation called “Recollection of the Buddha”. I feel this was well accomplished. When I meditate at home now, I can recollect the Buddha sitting peacefully in his kuti on Vulture’s Peak and feel that same peace myself. Or I can imagine sitting in Deer Park, Sarnath, hearing the Buddha giving his first sermon, as if I’m there hearing him myself. It’s very inspiring. Read more…

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