Alberta Deepening Practice Program

September 2017 – July 2019
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This program is led by Heather Martin, with senior students in Calgary and Edmonton facilitating the monthly groups. Over the 21 months, this program includes monthly homework, monthly group meetings, 2 non-residential retreats in Calgary, 2 in Edmonton, and 2 week-long residential retreats in Calgary (summers of 2018 & 2019). Suitable for participants with meditation experience and interest in Dharma study. Participants are asked to commit to attending the meetings and the retreats.

Cost: Costs will include any facility fees for the monthly meetings (these are usually minimal); retreat costs (to be determined, but budget approximately $130 for weekend retreats and $150/day for residential retreats); plus dana for the local facilitators and Heather Martin.
Application: Deadline for application is July 1, 2017. Download the application.

Questions? For detailed information, please see here. or contact

Heather Martin is offering a program of study and practice for those dharma students who are interested in deepening both their understanding of the Buddha’s teachings, and deepening their meditation practice, to facilitate further insight and release on their path to awakening.
Our explorations will be based on three areas:

  • Mindfulness, based on the Four Foundations of Mindfulness.
  • Friendliness (Metta) practices;
  • Engaging actively in this world with and from our Buddhist understandings and perspective.

Mindfulness / Insight Meditation.
The Satipatthana Sutta is the most detailed meditation instructions the Buddha gave.  This fourfold training covers awareness of the Body; the quality of our momentary experiences (Vedana); the Mind and its coverings (Cittanupassana); and Dharma views of our experiences.
Brilliant scholar and very dedicated practitioner, Bikkhu Analayo has studied this topic in great depth, publishing a text of his PhD on this Sutta.
By both exploring his writings and practices (and other materials) and putting them into our own meditation practices, we’ll be able to experience for ourselves just how significantly liberating they can be.

Metta = Friendliness.  Engaging our hearts, finding meaning, and caring for ourselves, those with whom we relate, and our world, is essential for a meaningful and satisfying life, as well as on our path to awakening.  A variety of practices and approaches will be explored over the course of the program, including such areas as:  deepening compassion, forgiving, enhancing gratitude, the meaning of dedication, receptivity and more.

Engaged Buddhism.  Our beautiful and fragile world requires special attention and care in these turbulent and worrisome times, particularly of environmental crisis. We will consider how our Dharma values and perspectives can be expressed through our thoughts, words and activities; How to participate skilfully and effectively, without falling into the traps of greed, hatred and delusion.